Knights Templar Regalia

Knights Tunic               £66.60

Knights Mantle             £75.80



Preceptors Tunic         £66.60
Preceptors Mantle       £75.80

Knights of Malta Regalia

Knights Malta Tunic     £66.60
Knights Malta Mantle   £75.80

St Thomas of Acon Regalia

Knights Tunic               £66.60
Knights Mantle             £75.80

Knights Templar Priest

Knights Tunic               £66.60
Knights Mantle             £71.80

Embroidered Reversible Pocket

Knights Templar/ Knights of Malta £18.00
Preceptor/ Knights of Malta          £18.00
St. Thomas of Acon                     £18.00
(available in Bronze Shell and Silver Shell)

Lady Freemason’s Gown

White Sheer Gown with smocking detail                                  £65.00
Gilt Gown Clip with Enameled Square and Compass                      £14.50 


RER Squire Novice & CBCS Tabbard                                             £46.50
RER CBCS Mantle with shell clasp                                                 £119.60 

KT of England & Wales

Dames Mantle            POA
Knights Mantle            POA

British Made Ceremonial Gloves

Men’s size S, M, L.                £14.99
(available in white and black)

Lady’s size S.M,L, white          £14.99

Red Cross of Constantine Lapel Pin

Hall Marked Silver Crossed Sword Lapel Pin                              £28.00
Made in Birmingham

Hermetic Order of Martinists

White Alb                            £73.80
(also available to order in Black)
Black Mantle                        £71.80
Cordelier with knotted ends in black, white or red                          £12.00

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